Mr Ahmad Ibrahim, former Minister for Health and Labour

Mr Ahmad Ibrahim, former Minister for Health and Labour
Mr Ahmad Ibrahim, former Minister for Health and Labour. Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Masjid Ahmad Ibrahim, Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School were named after him

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When I first look at the photos of Ahmad Ibrahim (ex-Minister) on page 54 of the book "The Last Kampung Mosque in Singapore - The Extraordinary Story and Legacy of Sembawang", I knew it was wrong. I wrote to the book writer to inform her of the mistake. The book writer, Dr Hadijah claimed that the photos are correct based on the verification from people like Hj Suppien and Kassim Selamat. I 'closed' the case and don't want to pursue the matter. Then, Ahmad Ibrahim's eldest son, Mr Mudzlan Bin Ahmad came and visited me. I showed him the photos and Mr Mudzlan claimed that the photos are NOT of his father. When I write again to Dr Hadijah, she insist the photos are correct. Since the book writer nor the book publisher don't want to acknowledge the mistake, I specially created this blog for the purpose of informing the public of the mistake found in the book "The Last Kampung Mosque in Singapore - The Extraordinary Story and Legacy of Sembawang".

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The Book with mistaken identity of Ahmad Ibrahim

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ahmad Ibrahim Biography

Click on the right image to read on Ahmad Ibrahim's biography.

Brief biography of Ahmad Ibrahim:

1. Born in Bayan Lepas, Penang in 1927. (BTW, I was also born in Bayan Lepas, Penang).
2. Studied at Penang Free School.
3. After war, he migrated to Singapore and worked as watchroom operator at Singapore Naval Base Fire Department.
4. Became a clerk in 1947 and earned himself a reputation as defender of worker's right.
5. A year later, he was elected as 1st Branch Secretary of the All-Singapore Fire Brigade Employees Union.
6. In 1950, he led formation of Naval Base Labour Union and elected as its Vice-Chairman.
7. In 1955, his trade union elected him to contest in the General Election as an independent candidate. He won and join People Action Party (PAP).
8. Served as PAP Assistant Secretary-General of the Central Executive Committee.
9. In 1959, he won the General Election under PAP. Appointed as Health Minister.
10. In 1961, during cabinet reshuffle, he became Minister of Labour.
11. Underwent major operation in 1958.
12. In 1961, he was flown to London for another operation.
13. Passed away in Singapore General Hospital (SGH) on 21st August 1962 at the age of 35.
14. He left behind a wife and 5 children:
Wife - Madam Che Teh Bte Yahaya
Son - Mudzlan Bin Ahmad (deceased - on 9th June 2008; 1952 - 2008)
Son - Mazli Bin Ahmad (deceased; 1954 - 1969)
Son - Marzukhi Bin Ahmad (deceased; 20th June 1956 - 18th June 2014)
Son - Mustaza Bin Ahmad (deceased; 1957 - 1996)
Daughter - Marlina Bte Ahmad
15. Received state funeral and buried at Bidadari Muslim Cemetery.

In 2003, Ahmad Ibrahim's grave was re-located to Pusara Abadi Muslim Cemetery in Lim Chu Kang.

16. Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Ahmad Ibrahim Mosque, Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School and Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School were named after him.

Minister Mentor of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew said of Ahmad Ibrahim in his memoir “The Singapore Story”. “Ahmad Ibrahim’s health had been steadily deteriorating. He had cirrhosis of the liver because of a hepatitis infection years earlier. We had sent him to England for an operation, but the disease had progressed relentlessly, and on 21 August, he died - I was at his deathbed with his wife. Ahmad had a great spirit. He had qualities of leadership, which he displayed to good effect in the Naval Base Labour Union. More important still, he had the courage to take over the ministry of labour from Kenny to face down the communists. His death was a severe loss.”

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