Mr Ahmad Ibrahim, former Minister for Health and Labour

Mr Ahmad Ibrahim, former Minister for Health and Labour
Mr Ahmad Ibrahim, former Minister for Health and Labour. Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Masjid Ahmad Ibrahim, Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School were named after him

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When I first look at the photos of Ahmad Ibrahim (ex-Minister) on page 54 of the book "The Last Kampung Mosque in Singapore - The Extraordinary Story and Legacy of Sembawang", I knew it was wrong. I wrote to the book writer to inform her of the mistake. The book writer, Dr Hadijah claimed that the photos are correct based on the verification from people like Hj Suppien and Kassim Selamat. I 'closed' the case and don't want to pursue the matter. Then, Ahmad Ibrahim's eldest son, Mr Mudzlan Bin Ahmad came and visited me. I showed him the photos and Mr Mudzlan claimed that the photos are NOT of his father. When I write again to Dr Hadijah, she insist the photos are correct. Since the book writer nor the book publisher don't want to acknowledge the mistake, I specially created this blog for the purpose of informing the public of the mistake found in the book "The Last Kampung Mosque in Singapore - The Extraordinary Story and Legacy of Sembawang".

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The Book with mistaken identity of Ahmad Ibrahim

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My email to the book editor, editorial team and book publisher

Book Editor, Editorial Team and Book Publisher of "The Last Kampung Mosque in Singapore",


I was told by Mr Mohd Raman Daud from Berita Harian that " meeting will be held together with me (Kamal Bin Abu Serah) and those who knows Ahmad Ibrahim when he was a teenager". I was invited in this meeting? Before you invite me to the meeting, let me suggest to the book editor, her editorial team and the book publisher to go and meet with the people who had already gave me the confirmation that the photos are wrong. Go and meet and interview them. They are:

1. Marzukhi Bin Ahmad, Ahmad Ibrahim's son,
2. Tan Sri Datuk Dr Haji Yahaya Ibrahim, Ahmad Ibrahim's younger brother,
3. Tuan Haji Othman Wok, ex-Minister and Ahmad Ibrahim's political colleague,

Mr Mazlan Bin Ahmad (Ahmad Ibrahim's eldest son) had passed away on 9th June 2008.

If the editorial team still feel unsatisfied, go and interview Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew because Ahmad Ibrahim ever held a Minister post under PM Lee Kuan Yew then.
If just want to see me and wanted to convince me from people like Hj Suppien and Kassim Selamat who verified the photos (contributed by Edward Harmer) are correct, forget the intention of seeing me. It's a waste of time.
If the family of Ahmad Ibrahim himself had verified that the photos are wrong, why must seek outsiders?
Just think, if I am not in the right party, I won't dare to write emails to many people including:
1. Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew,
2. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong,
3. Minister for MICA and its Ministry,
4. Minister for MCYS and its Ministry,
5. Minister for MOE and its Ministry,
6. Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS),
7. All Malay/Islam Member of Parliament,
8. Press Secretary for MM Lee,
9. Press Secretary for PM Lee,
10. National Heritage Board,
11. National Library Board,
12. Leaders of Malay Organisation like Majlis Pusat,
13. Mendaki and many more.

One ex-Principal of Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School did send me an email and this is the remark:
"I do remember seeing the photos that surfaced earlier when the Englishman came to Singapore. He did not visit us in the Primary School. If I am not mistaken, a speaker made mention of this book at a recent forum for schools.The then secondary school principal sent the photos to me and I forwarded the photos to Mr Mazlan then (Ahmad Ibrahim's son), to ask him to check with his mother, and he had confirmed, via email, that the photos were NOT that of his father. This is rather disappointing if it were true that a book published in Singapore contained major errors".

Salam Takzim,
Kamal Bin Abu Serah.

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