Mr Ahmad Ibrahim, former Minister for Health and Labour

Mr Ahmad Ibrahim, former Minister for Health and Labour
Mr Ahmad Ibrahim, former Minister for Health and Labour. Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Masjid Ahmad Ibrahim, Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School were named after him

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When I first look at the photos of Ahmad Ibrahim (ex-Minister) on page 54 of the book "The Last Kampung Mosque in Singapore - The Extraordinary Story and Legacy of Sembawang", I knew it was wrong. I wrote to the book writer to inform her of the mistake. The book writer, Dr Hadijah claimed that the photos are correct based on the verification from people like Hj Suppien and Kassim Selamat. I 'closed' the case and don't want to pursue the matter. Then, Ahmad Ibrahim's eldest son, Mr Mudzlan Bin Ahmad came and visited me. I showed him the photos and Mr Mudzlan claimed that the photos are NOT of his father. When I write again to Dr Hadijah, she insist the photos are correct. Since the book writer nor the book publisher don't want to acknowledge the mistake, I specially created this blog for the purpose of informing the public of the mistake found in the book "The Last Kampung Mosque in Singapore - The Extraordinary Story and Legacy of Sembawang".

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The Book with mistaken identity of Ahmad Ibrahim

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My email to National Library Board

To the Management of National Library Board (Singapore),

Ms Lim Soo Hoon, Chairman,
Dr N Varaprasad, Chief Executive,
Ms Ngian Lek Choh, Deputy Chief Executive,
Chan Ping Wah, Assistant Chief Executive,
Ms Tay Ai Cheng, Quality Service Manager,
Ms Joyce Wee Poh Gek, Manager, Executive Office,
Cheong Fu Yan, Director, Corporate Development & Services,
Wan Wee Pin, Manager, Programmes & Exhibitions,
Beh Chew Leng, Senior Director, Library & Professional Services,
Lim Theam Siew, Senior Director, Organisational Resources & Systems.

Dear Sir / Madam,

A book titled "The Last Kampung Mosque in Singapore" written by Dr Hadijah was recently launched. This book currently available in National and Community Library as reference book. The book is published by Masjid Petempatan Melayu Sembawang (Sembawang Mosque) in collaboration with Berita Harian / SPH. It is a project by Masjid Petempatan Melayu Sembawang (Sembawang Mosque), Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) and Ministry of Community, Youth and Sport, Singapore (MCYS). In the book shows pictures of Mr Ahmad Ibrahim, our ex-Minister of Health and Labour. Those pictures were contributed by a man named Mr Edward Harmer. However, those photos are not the real Ahmad Ibrahim, our former Minister. I had validated and verified that the photos are NOT Ahmad Ibrahim from these 4 person:
1. Mr Mazlan Bin Ahmad, Ahmad Ibrahim's eldest son,
2. Mr Marzukhi Bin Ahmad, Ahmad Ibrahim's son,
3. Tuan Haji Othman Wok, our ex-Minister and Ahmad Ibrahim's political colleague and
4. Tan Sri Datuk Dr Haji Yahaya Ibrahim, Ahmad Ibrahim's younger brother.

Dr Yahaya Ibrahim is Pro-Chancellor of Sultan Idris Universiti of Education in Malaysia.

Information on Dr Yahaya Ibrahim available in the link below.

At the time I am writing to you, no correction has been made to the book. Both the book editor and the publisher (Sembawang Mosque and Berita Harian (SPH)) haven't correct the mistakes found in the book.

On page 14 of the book, it states "One of the main recommendations of the report is to publish the research findings and materials gathered for use as public reference and educational material".
As mentioned on page 14 of the book, this book is going to be used for reference especially by researchers, teachers, student, etc. They may be looking at the wrong information.On 21 Jun 2008, 2 speakers (Rahil Ismail and Faizah Jamal) already gave a talk on this book to the public at Woodlands Regional Library. Please inform your staff regarding these mistakes found in the book.

You may also refer (click) to the link below:

Yours Sincerely,
Kamal Bin Abu Serah.

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ummi said...

Thank you is too minute to express my gratitude to you for your efforts in upholding the truth about my uncle. I know little about him, only snippets which I heard from my mother, his youngest sister and a very close sibbling to him. I trawled the net to find out about his life but not much is written about him.
My cousins were also too young when he passed on. Your post has been a great help in my quest to put together this jigsaw.
Thank you again